President/Presiding Bishop

Ebiye Philip Tuaweri is the Presiding Bishop of Nobles Family Church International with headquarters in Abuja. He is a visionary leader with a large heart to reach the world with the message of hope and love.

He is a practicing believer of the Bible’s instruction to “go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). This drive has taken him to various Continents of the world where he has opened and established Churches in Nigeria, Ghana, Central Africa Republic, Kenya, Italy, Germany, and London.

Until recently, he served with Church of God Mission International for over 20years where he rose to the position of a Bishop.

Through television broadcasts, the Internet, printed page, audio-video recording, conferences, and seminars, he has reached and impacted uncountable number of lives.  For years, his ministry has provided food, clothing, shelter, education, and trainings for thousands around the globe.

Ebiye Philip Tuaweri is married to Patricia Tuaweri for over 26years. They are the proud parents of four children and two grandchildren.