Have you ever heard statements like these? You do not know my spouse, He or she is such a stingy, lazy, wicked, unreasonable, dirty and on and on goes the list. I have personally heard people say things like. “Thank God for you, your husband is such a good man, or better still your husband is a good man”. But come to think of it, is the grass not always greener in your neighbor’s lawn as it usually said?

The truth is, everybody living on earth is “A man”. What that means is that there is none perfect, for all have sinned and have come short of the glory of God.

Marriages do not work; because, one is a pastor or man/woman of God, as some people erroneously believe. If that is the case, then the very first marriage should have ended up in disaster. Human beings are unique with their strengths and weaknesses. Let us go back to the very first couple.


This marriage seemed “so perfect” after all God was not only their father but also officiated in their marriage, with absolutely no influence from in-laws, one would have expected that the marriage be perfect. But what happened? ADAM had his faults, as well as his weaknesses. A loving husband who was all out to make sure all the animals were properly named, had his weaknesses, also as diligent as he appeared to be, Adam was a bit on the nonchalant side. He was busy working and paid little or no attention to his wife. Little wonder, he did not even notice when she was having a conversation with satan, so much so that even disobeyed God and obeyed the devil, by eating of the tree of good and evil. Gen 3.

Such an unprotective husband who cared little about his assignment went ahead to collect the fruit from his wife (Gen 3) and ate. Does this sound like you or man you know? Who cares little or nothing about his wife, children, and all around him?

Eve on the other hand, was just a very careless woman, who had no regard for anybody, not to God or her husband. She disobeyed God and cared less about her husband’s presence. How could she even be discussing with satan without recourse to her husband?

Eve was very domineering (does it sound like your wife) who imposes things on you?  At least, if she was not as secretive as some women and wanted for God to God, after all, he was going to come to have fellowship with them.    Gen 3.


When God showed up, Adam went on to show his flaws. He simply refused to be responsible. The oxford dictionary defines responsibility as “the state or act of being accountable or be blamed for something”.

Adam shifted responsibility to his wife, and so did Eve to the serpent. No one could say, Lord, we are sorry.

So, you see, Even the first couple that was joined by God had their issues. Not only was God the officiating minister, he was their father, father, and mother-in-law, counselor, friend, and what have you? And remember, they were a couple (joined) without sin, yet they had their weaknesses and strengths.

But it is interesting to note that they kept on. How far have you gone to work out that marriage?

By Rev. Mrs. Patricia Tuaweri

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